My name is Caroline Spector, and among other things, I’ve been called the Queen of Snark. So where’s my damn tiara?

In addition to honing my snarky tools, I’ve also put my hand to a few other things, mostly writing and editing.  I’ve been at this for a long time. No, I won’t say how long. That’s why there’s Wikipedia.

I started out in the tabletop gaming field, working for TSR as an editor.  While there, I got a chance to work at Amazing Stories magazine as an Associate Editor.  I went on to write hint books for the Ultima computer game series. It was my great good fortune when Sam Lewis at tabletop game company FASA gave me the chance to write a trilogy of novels for them — ScarsLittle Treasures, and Worlds Without End.

For the last eleven years, I’ve been writing for the Wild Cards series edited by George R.R. Martin.  My stories have appeared in Inside StraightBusted FlushSuicide KingsHigh Stakes, and Knaves Over Queens.  My novella, “Lies My Mother Told Me,” appeared in Dangerous Women. And my short story, “The Flight of Morpho Girl,” co-authored with Bradley Denton, appeared on

In addition to writing, I play bass with Bland Lemon Denton and the Lemon-Aides. The drunker you are, the better we sound. Recently, I began making three-dimensional collage art pieces. They’re odd and whimsical with no snark at all. You can imagine my surprise.

My husband, Warren Spector, makes video games.  Right now we share our home with our cats, Sam and Dave.