Inside Straight

Cover of Inside Straight
Title: Wild Cards XVIII: Inside Straight
Series: Wild Cards #18
Published by: Tor Books
Release Date: January 22, 2008
Contributors: George R. R. Martin, Daniel Abraham, Stephen Leigh, Michael Cassutt, John J. Miller, Melinda Snodgrass, Caroline Spector, Ian Tregillis, Carrie Vaughn

Twenty-eight superhuman aces are cast in a new reality show called American Hero. As the contestants compete in staged challenges and systematically get voted off amid Hollywood-fueled melodrama, horrific events in the Middle East bring to light the glaring unreality of reality television. When the show reaches its climactic final episode, some of the contestants decide to forsake the trappings of fame and fortune and become real-life heroes. The first volume of a projected trilogy, this fast-paced and sardonic story will appeal to comic book aficionados and heroic fantasy fans alike.

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