These are links to people, places, and whatnot that I think are interesting.  Maybe
you will, too.
Friends and Family
Warren Spector:  Yeah, I know, he's my husband.  But dammit, he's really
interesting and he's got that whole "Game God" thing going on, which is only
annoying when receiving 2AM phone calls from guys stuck on level 19.

He's a man of many obsessions a few of which are: guitars, cars, chess,
skateboards, movies, and cartoons. He started a company last year,
Junction Point
Studios. Now go play Deus Ex or one of the eighteen other computer games he's
been involved with making.

Oh, and he's now writing a blog.  You can read it
Sven Knudson.  Sven is a great photographer and you can see
samples of his work at his website.  He recently married the lovely
Krista and is having that whole blissful newlywed thing.
Walton "Bud" Simons.  Known as a THE Walton Simons in Deus
Ex, Bud actually has a real life that includes far too many cats
and a good body of written work.  He's appeared in Wild Cards
and other anthologies. He also has one of the best memories of
anyone I've ever known.  Do not take him up on a bet.  He'll win.
Bradley Denton.  Our contemporary Mark Twain.  
Kick ass drummer and song writer.  (He can play
guitar, too.)  Among his work that You Should Really
Blackburn, Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on
, Sergeant Chip and, oh heck, just read
all of it.  Brad is married to the lovely Barb who is far
too good for him.
This is Brad and his brothers costumed for Halloween in 1966.  Brad claims he's on
the right.  Personally, I'm pretty sure he's on the left, trying out his early John
Wayne Gacy imitation.
Bill Willingham:  If you're not familiar with Bill's work, the question is, why not?  He's
written and Illustrated The
Elementals, Ironwood, Coventry, and Fables.  He's done
work on a number of comics for both DC and Marvel Comics.  Go out and buy
Fables.  Trust me, you'll like it.
Doug Potter: Terrific illustrator.  Writes and draws
comic books.  His political cartoons are tres groovy.
And he cooks.  Not to mention he's married to my
knitting guru, Lynne.  Check him out.
Writers you might like . . . I know I do.
Michael Bishop:  BRITTLE INNINGS is simply one of the best books I've ever read.  
But this is only one in a long line of great novels and short stories by Mr. Bishop.  
He's also an damned nice guy.  And he loves baseball.
Katherine Dunn: Wrote Geek Love.  Need I say more? You haven't read it?  Good
grief.  Go
buy a copy.
Walter Tevis:  Another book I adore and re-read from time to time is Tevis' THE
QUEEN'S GAMBIT.  This is one of Tevis' less well- known books.  You may have
heard of
Phillip Pullman: I'm a huge sucker for the HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy.  Yes, I cried
at the end of the 2nd and 3rd books.  Though these are published and promoted as
juveniles, Pullman is hunting far bigger fish in these works.  
on your bookshelf.
Random Bits and Pieces . . . because you never know
what might catch your fancy.
Ballroom Dancing:  Not as goofy as it sounds.  Okay, maybe almost as goofy as it
sounds.  But you cannot be in a bad mood and Cha-Cha.  West Coast Swing rules
and chicks dig dancing.

Knitting: Idle hands are the devil's Workshop.  Whatever.  When you write, you
rarely get to see the product of your labor in a timely fashion. (Journalists and
bloggers are exempt.)  Knitting has been rewarding for someone who has waited as
long as I have for books to come out.  A shout out to Lynne Kelly, my knitting guru,
who has never said, "What on earth did you do here?" when looking at something I
screwed up.

World of Warcraft:  I hereby announce my permanent induction into the Geek Hall
of Fame.  Not only am I a WoW ho, but it isn't even a game Warren makes.  I know I
should be ashamed, but I don't care, just get my frickin' armor upgrade.

More links to come . . .